Raising Eco Minimalists

How to Stop Overscheduling - Ep. 16

August 18, 2021 Laura Durenberger Season 1 Episode 16
Raising Eco Minimalists
How to Stop Overscheduling - Ep. 16
Show Notes

Research shows that kids who are overscheduled don't eat as well, sleep as well, or make friends as well as kids who aren't overscheduled. Additionally, overscheduling kids when they're younger can lead to things like anxiety, depression, and hamper their ability to solve problems and make good decisions.

As parents/guardians, we are probably well-intentioned by signing our kids up for all the things. But it can not only be detrimental to their wellbeing, but ours too.

Here are the questions we answer and topics covered:

  • How overscheduling can be a detriment to our kids (and us)
  • What research shows about this topic
  • Why we may overschedule
  • Five ways to stop overscheduling 

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