Raising Eco Minimalists

Raising Young Changemakers with Stacy C Bauer - Ep. 15

August 12, 2021 Laura Durenberger Season 1 Episode 15
Raising Eco Minimalists
Raising Young Changemakers with Stacy C Bauer - Ep. 15
Show Notes

The future of our planet can sometimes feel very bleak - especially for those of us who have kids. Oftentimes we find ourselves asking what their future will look like, how much weight will they have to carry, and what will become of our society.

My guest today is Stacy C. Bauer - mom, teacher, and author. Stacy had the idea in 2020 to write a book about inspiring kids making change today. She set out to find 20 kids for one book and ended up with 84 kids and seven books.

I talk with Stacy about these inspiring kids which left me filled with hope for not only our future but for my son as well.

Here are the questions we answer and topics we cover:

  • What is a young changemaker
  • Why representation is important in children’s books
  • Characteristics that are common amongst young changemakers 
  • Kids' concerns about the future
  • Why kids are great at making change
  • How can we support kids who want to be young changemakers
  • How can we encourage and empower kids to be young changemakers
  • Tips for decluttering with kids

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