Raising Eco Minimalists

Science for kids at home (and why it's important) with Medinah Eatman - Ep. 14

August 04, 2021 Laura Durenberger Season 1 Episode 14
Raising Eco Minimalists
Science for kids at home (and why it's important) with Medinah Eatman - Ep. 14
Show Notes

You know science is important, but do you really know why? How does incorporating science for kids at home help with living sustainably? And what about kids who don't have access to good science learning?

In this episode, I'm talking with Medinah Eatman, or, Science Teacher Mom. We answer the questions above, and lots, lots more. 

Here are the questions we answer and topics we cover:

  • Medinah's experience being on the show ‘George in the Jungle’ on NBC
  • What STEM is, and why is it important for our kids?
  • Why are STEM/STEAM topics so important when it comes to sustainable living?
  • Science for kids at home - how to get them involved 
  • How to make science fun and engaging 
  • Barriers to learning science and how it affects kids 
  • How can we help remove some of those barriers?
  • The importance of representation in science
  • Community reading events - what are they, and how to host one
  • Great additional resources for bringing science to kids 

Even if you think you're not "good" at science, or science-literate, you'll find yourself motivated to start talking about and incorporating science every day - because, surprise! We already use it every day.

Resources mentioned in this episode (some links may contain affiliate links, which helps support our amazing guests and this podcast):

  • George in the Jungle episode on NBC
  • Subscription Box link
  • Donate Choose
  • Club Lab Rascals
  • Brain Pop

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