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How to compost at home with kids with Jen Panaro - Ep. 11

June 30, 2021 Laura Durenberger Season 1 Episode 11
Raising Eco Minimalists
How to compost at home with kids with Jen Panaro - Ep. 11
Show Notes

Have you ever wondered how to compost at home? Or maybe you've thought about it but feel overwhelmed.

Maybe you're already a composter but  interested in learning about other methods, or how to get kids involved.

In this episode, I'm talking with Jen Panaro of Honestly Modern, who I refer to as the composting guru. Jen walks us through anything and everything composting - making it a perfect episode if you're brand new or a seasoned composter. The resources she provides are extensive, and I'm confident no matter where you are in your journey, you'll walk away with some new knowledge.

Here are the questions we answer and topics we cover:

  • What composting is
  • How to start composting & how to do it at home
  • How it works (in easy to understand ways)
  • Why it’s important not to send food to the landfill
  • Different type of composting systems (plus pros and cons of each)
  • What about pests? Are they bad?
  • What’s the best option for composting in an apartment?
  • How to compost with kids
  • How to get kids involved with the process (including activities and resources)
  • Life lessons kids can learn from composting
  • What to do if you feel overwhelmed
  • How to start your own compost pickup business in your area

Resources mentioned in this episode (some links may contain affiliate links, which helps support our amazing guests and this podcast):

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